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Were You Born in That Chair?

$15.95       Silver Medal winner -- among the best in family-friendly media, from the Mom's Choice Awards!  By Jennifer Kuhns

Hailey is starting her first day at a new school where no one thinks they have ever had a disabled student before. Hailey is not only the new girl, but she is a girl in a wheelchair. She is a girl with strength, attitude and a great sense of humor who helps her teacher and her fellow classmates understand what a disability is.

“This story draws us in from the start with its humor and excellent example of the power of narrative to deepen our understanding...”

            Dr. Keith Nainby, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies,

California State University, Stanislaus


“I read Were You Born In That Chair? to my fourth grade students (and) was amazed they were engaged in listening to the entire story! The story is intuitive and insightful.”

            Marianne R. Gartenlaub, Fourth Grade Teacher


“A wonderful piece of writing from a perspective not many of us understand...”

            Janet Lenards, Literacy Coach


“From the first page, I imagined myself as a third grade student. I love this book.”

            Kris Costa, Journalist/Communications