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Leslie Alberta Sousa is the daughter of three-time published poet Alberta Miriam Isaacson. Leslie desires to continue in her mother’s legacy, not only in her love for writing but, more importantly, in her love for the Lord. After Leslie’s mother passed away in 2013, Leslie found a fourth book of poetry her mother had written but had not yet published. Leslie soon found herself writing poems in answer to those of her mother’s, including one about her mother’s treasured pink umbrella. This book is a unique mother-daughter expression of love never-ending, loss, and the hope we all can have in the Lord when we entrust all we have to Him. 

Leslie has a tender heart for people and serves as an online mentor for Focus on the Family, as she enjoys encouraging and inspiring people in general. She is a certified “Real Colors” administrator but her passion is speaking about God’s life-changing power at women’s conferences and retreats. Leslie is the administrator of a Christian community page on Facebook called, “A moment with Alberta” that she fills with inspirational posts, hope for the lost, and a daily reminder of the love God has for each and every one of us. Born and raised in California, Leslie has been employed by the government for the past 33 years. Leslie lives with her husband and has two grown sons who are her pride and joy.

Leslie is the author of Let the Son Shine In and A Walk around Israel.

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