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$14.95   E-Book $3.99

By Major Mitchell

Spur Award finalist, Major Mitchell, has created a new contemporary hero in the person of Chase McGraw. Chase is a divorced junk-food junky and an ex-police detective turned private investigator, who lives on a ranch with his dog named Buster.
He’s on a quest to locate a missing young woman who disappeared mysteriously on her way home from college. The baffling case not only challenges his skills, but brings about a much needed change in perspective for his life.

The Valley of Decision

$14.95  E-book for $3.49

A Western Writers of America Spur Award finalist

The bullet to her spine didn’t break her…the wound to her heart was another matter.Cynthia was determined to get out of the wheelchair, but coming home to the ranch after serving in Afghanistan was almost surreal and she didn’t quite know how to handle it. Then an old crush began to show interest in her, and hope for a future sprang to life. But what did God really want her to do?A faith-based romance by Major Mitchell

Anthologies of the People in a Small Town


By Teresa Spies Dempewolf

Available as an ebook for $3.99


In vignettes of a small town in Oregon, Anthologies Of The People In A Small Town acquaints the reader with the people and the secrets they carry, as it follows them through 13 years of joy, sorrow and the various ups and downs of the human experience. We find ourselves in a world where your past can really come back to haunt you.

 "A fast-paced visit to Albany where the residents seem normal like you and me. But we soon realize everyone has their own secrets ... some of them deadly. A good novel by Teresa Spies Dempewolf.”

Major Mitchell, author of Poverty Flat


Never Give Up


By Teresa Spies Dempewolf

A fast-paced novel by Teresa Spies Dempewolf about a single mother who is determined to make a home for her son and find love and happiness during the process.

Summer Mullen got pregnant as she graduated from high school.  She left home and lives in Illinois with her son, Robert.  She met and fell for Jon Bintle, but life doesn't always give you what you want.  Now she wants someone to love and more babies and she's gone looking.


Time Will Tell


By Teresa Spies Dempewolf

Summer Mullen was nineteen and a graduating senior. She was also pregnant and being forced out of her parent’s home. She was packed and moving to Chicago without telling anyone where she was going. She didn’t know how, but she was determined to get by…one way or the other.

Time Will Tell – an exciting novel by Teresa Spies Dempewolf about one girl’s determination to keep and make a home for her and her baby, and rebuild her life with respect and dignity.

The Doña

$15.95 -   First book in The Doña series

By Major Mitchell

Available as an e-book for $2.99

She bolted toward the center of the room only to freeze again. There was a second man she hadn’t seen standing in the shadows who slowly pulled a large knife from his belt as she backed toward the wall.  “Fiesty little bitch, ain’t you?” He took a cautious step toward her as she slid along the wall feeling for something to fight with. “This is gonna hurt real bad.” Leonida let out an ear-splitting scream as he raised the knife.

She came to California as a young bride in an arranged marriage. Now she owns seventy-five square miles of property bordering the Mokelumne River where gold has been discovered. They want her land and will stop at nothing, even if it means her murder. 

“Mitchell’s research of the customs and traditions of the mining towns and the ranchos gives The Doña authenticity.” The Modesto Bee

“A terrific novel, one I could not put down.” KAZV – TV, Channel 14

“A good book written by a good writer.” Rex Fraser – Barnes & Noble

A Reason To Believe


By Major Mitchell

A modern-day western romance.

Margie loved horses and rodeo more than life itself. She knew, given the chance, she could out-ride most men. But when a nasty fall inside a rain-soaked arena threatened to take that away from her, she needed a reason to believe she could not only compete in rodeo again, but win the heart of the man she had fallen in love with.

 "An enjoyable read that will hold your interest. I loved it!" - Dallas Review

"A compelling tale! I constantly wanted to know what was going to happen throughout the entire story...Major Mitchell certainly kept my interest." - Melody Groves

"We strongly support the efforts of the young lady in this story, and applaud Mr. Mitchell's telling of her story." - Oakdale Saddle Club

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