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Ron Freitas



With failing vision, Ron Freitas  was forced to wear glasses as a youth, then faced night blindness and low vision as a young man. The vision problems progressed until he was declared legally blind later in life, and he has been totally blind for the last forty years.

Never willing to sit idle and feel sorry for himself, Ron earned a bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from California State University, Fresno, and a master’s degree in special education for visually impaired children from California State University, San Francisco. He then taught visually impaired children for the better part of thirty-seven years at Orville Wright Elementary School in Modesto.

It is hoped that visually impaired persons will get some ideas from his book, The Luckiest Blind Man in the World, which will help them in dealing with their vision loss. Also, the book will be sold as a fundraiser to be used for the Visually Impaired Persons Support of Modesto projects.



The Luckiest Blind Man in the World


By Ron Freitas